Who We Are

Chochmat Nashim (CHEN) was founded by Torah-observant Jewish women who are working to raise awareness, expose injustice and rectify bad policy in modern day Judaism.

Chochmat Nashim raises awareness of issues plaguing the Jewish community and brings concrete opportunities for social action to affect change.

Real change requires action from many different directions. Much great work is already being done on the legal, political and rabbinic fronts. However, what is sorely lacking is the social awareness to cultivate an environment that is receptive, committed and demanding of these changes. We operate on both fronts: mobilizing social pressure to compel justice from the bottom-up; and implementing forward-thinking policies into communal practice from the top-down.


Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

Shoshanna lives in Israel with her family and writes and speaks on women and Judaism, Israel, and other contemporary issues.  You can read her work in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Chronicle, The Forward or visit her site www.skjaskoll.com.


Rachel Stomel

Rachel is a translator, writer, graphic designer and activist passionate about social justice in the Jewish community, with a special focus on women’s rights and issues of religion and state in Israel. She utilizes social media and organizes events to engage the community in support of causes dear to her. Read her blog here.


Anne Gordon

Anne has spent many years learning and teaching Torah in the women’s institutions of learning of Jerusalem and New York. She is currently the Deputy Ops & Blogs editor at the Times of Israel, and is working on a very slow doctorate in Jewish education.